Hair Services

Ladies CuttingPrice
Wet Cut - Short Hair£23.00
Wet Cut - Long Hair£23.00
Cut & Finish - Short Hair£35.00
Cut & Finish - Long Hair£38.00
Seniors CuttingPrice
Wet Cut£20.00
Cut & Finish£27.00
Wash & Blowdry£14.00
Kids Cutting (Under 16)Price
Wet Cut - Under 5 Years£9.00
Wet Cut - Under 10 Years£15.00
Wet Cut - Under 16 Years£18.00
Cut & Finish - All Ages£25.00
Gents CuttingPrice
Wet Cut£12.00
Cut & Finish£14.00
Parting Highlights/FoilsFrom £50.00
Half Head Highlights/FoilsFrom £65.00
Full Head Highlights/FoilsFrom £85.00
Regrowth TintFrom £60.00
Full Head TintFrom £65.00
Full BalayageFrom £100.00
Full OmbreFrom £95.00
Midlength & Ends LightenedFrom £80.00
TonerFrom £20.00 Extra
Regrowth Application Inbetween Foils£20.00 Extra
Colour Change Or CorrectionBy Consultation

All of our colouring prices will INCLUDE a CUT & FINISH

Please ensure you have a skin test 24 hours PRIOR to your colour appointment

Ladies StylingPrice
Wash & Blowdry£16.00
Wash, Blowdry & Straighten£18.00
Wash, Blowdry & Curled£22.00
Straightened ONLY£10.00
Curled ONLY£14.00
Occasion HairFrom £30.00
Angel Locks Hair Extensions
Light, Mixed Red & Ombre Dark Shades
100 bands£155100 bands£150
150 bands£230150 bands£220
200 bands£310200 bands£300
250 bands£380250 bands£360

We currently offer £30 an hour to fit the hair with £10 for delivery.

Other Available Hair OptionsPrice
OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment£20.00
OLAPLEX Added into Hair Colour£15.00
Balmain - Pre Bonded Hair ExtensionsBy Consultation
AAAA remey - Pre Bonded Hair ExtensionsBy Consultation

Book in for a FREE consultation about Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions. A wide range of hair types to SUIT YOUR BUDGET.

  • 100% human hair
  • Lasts 3-4 months
  • Hair guaranteed for 6 months
  • No damage to your own hair
  • Suitable for ALL hair types