Pre-bonded extensions are the most common type of hair extension system, keratin bonds are professionally fused with the clients own hair and will last 3-4 months. They have a very small pond and allow natural movement to your own hair enabling to style and treat your hair as normal.

Balmain Paris - Hair Couture

Why Balmain Hair?

40 years ago, Balmain Hair set out a mission, they wanted to source, select and process the best hair in the world. Their dedicated team won’t rest until our hairs are perfect, they are all trained hair specialists and are active in consulting and training in over 50 countries. Try their hair, there is a reason why they are the only company in the world who gives a 6-month guarantee on the hair. They hold themselves accountable for what they deliver.

Angel Locks - Hair Extensions

Angel Locks Hair Extensions

Now offering Angels Locks “Hot Fusion Keratin Bands”. All Angels Locks products are made from 100% human hair. Angel Locks is beautiful double drawn Russian remi hair which is thick from root to end and is available in an assortment of light, dark and mixed shades. With the correct aftercare the hair can be re-used.

Now £30 an hour to fit the hair – with £10 for delivery.

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What do you desire?


Individual pieces of BALMAIN hair attached to a keratin wax bond are neatly fused in rows throughout the hair, blending your own natural hair in with it to create length. An average of 150- 200 bonds, depending on the thickness and length of your own hair, can build a fantastic natural longer look.


Don’t be fooled… You don’t HAVE TO have a full head of extensions, Single bonds can be scattered throughout the hair to give you more fullness not just length. Many people find as they get older their hair gets thinner, BALMAIN is a brilliant answer to giving you that natural thicker look. Some people find they suffer with thinner hair around the sides or in particular places, bonds can be placed in certain patterns to “fill in” those thinner areas.


BALMAIN offer a wide range of colours allowing you to add single bonds for flashes of fashion colours such as baby pink or different tones such as caramel blondes instead of colouring your own hair! Brilliant for weak hair that may become damaged if coloured or just to trial some different colours.

After Care?

Hair care is essential to maintain healthy hair and luscious long locks!

BALMAIN products are always advised to ensure you get the best from your 6 months guarantee with BALMAIN.

The correct after care advice will be given during consultation and as you leave, but please remember we can only advise, anything done against our professional advice is down to you and we cannot take responsibility for any damage to your own hair if guidelines are not followed! This being the reasons you hear bad press about extensions. With the correct products and aftercare advice you can have beautiful BALMAIN hair with no damage to your own hair!