Non-Surgical Treatments

DIVAZ Ltd opened to the public as a new business in March 2015 and has quickly become a popular place to be. The fast growing salon is glamorous and modern with a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. Inside you will find a friendly team with over 15 years experience in both industries.

Non Surgical Price
Express A-Lift Facial – 30 mins £20.00 per session
A-Lift Facial – 60 mins £45.00 per session
Discounted prices for block booking
candle lit A-Lift + Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage – 90 mins £70.00 per session

A-Lift is a deluxe anti-aging facial that uses the latest technology to re-energise cells in the face and neck. With immediate results and long-lasting effects, A-Lift is the Non invasive and pain free alternative to Botox & fillers.

Lipo Angel


Lipo Angel is a new technology that can not only change your body but can change your life. Using advanced ultrasound technology, Lipo Angel quickly and painlessly breaks down fat, removes cellulite and lifts and tones your skin. Micro lofting and Photon skin rejuvenating technology can decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves acne, sagging scars, stretch marks and more.

All of the treatments carried out using Lipo Angel are completely non-surgical and non-invasive. Lipo Angel, with its new technology, uses photon light therapy to treat hair thinning and hair loss and stimulates the hair follicles for thicker, stronger hair.

Red light therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat the progression of hair loss. It has been found to thicken existing hair and stimulate the growth of new hairs.


A-Lift is a highly-effective, non-invasive facial treatment that uses the latest technology to deliver proven results. The A-Lift machine uses three phases of microcurrent and two phases of noncurrent technology to lift, tone, and re-energise the cells in the face and neck. A-Lift increases Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production within the cells to accelerate their metabolism.

In other words, A-Lift helps the skin cells boost their own functionality to stimulate the production of more collagen which helps combat fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment promotes improved hydration, circulation, and lymphatic drainage which results in firmer, healthier, and rejuvenated skin with a fresh and visibly improved complexion.

From our mid 20s upwards our cells metabolism slows down and the structure of our skin and underlying tissue deteriorates. The skin begins to reduce its functionality and begins to produce less protein synthesis which results in sagging, thinner, looser and wrinkled skin which is far less capable of protecting itself.

This process can be reversed using the help of nanocurrent technology in A-Lift. A-Lift with its dual current output of microcurrent and nanocurrent boosts ATP production by up to 500% as well as automatically monitoring and adjusting itself to synchronise with the skin’s own bio-electrical frequency. The current stimulates ATP production within the cells which effectively ‘supercharges’ the rate of their metabolism back to previous levels of youth.